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  • Stall equipment

    Stall equipment

    for the maintenance of cattle in large farms

Organization of keeping cattle at large enterprises requires their equipment with different types of machines. DSM Export is ready to offer its customers high-quality stable equipment at more affordable prices than that of competitors. Today it is difficult to imagine effective development of a European-model livestock farm without such equipment.

From our company you can buy equipment for cattle consisting of strong mounting spacers and elements that can be joined without welding. Structures intended for fencing various sections, for example, a feed table, are installed in the same way.

Dimensions of stall equipment for cows may be different, depending on customer needs. Structures are painted using powder paint or galvanized by hot dip galvanizing. This additional layer will prevent the appearance of rust on the product and protect the basic metal part from damage and moisture.

Manufacture of customized stable equipment is one of the directions of the activity of our company. Thestructureofoursectionsandboxesforcattlepermitstheirconvenientplacementinabarn. Form of the section permits animals to move freely and rest comfortably.

In demand is also an individual box ensuring enough space for a cow to lie down and get up in a natural way by moving the body forward. This permits the animal to rest comfortably throughout the day (about 12-14 hours), while the surface under its udder remains clean and dry.

Manufacture of equipment for barns also allows farmers to increase hygiene in the premises, which positively affects the health of the entire herd. Stables are installed at almost each dairy plant today.

Why do you need to buy stable equipment from our company?

  1. We are ready to offer our customers reliable and strong structures characterized by high service life and protection against mechanical impact.
  2. Basis of the equipment is round tubes, which significantly reduces the risk of injury of livestock.
  3. Equipment has a corrosion-resistant coating, which increases its service life.
  4. Presence of detachable components making installation and repair significantly easier.
  5. The price of our products corresponds to the wholesale level, and the quality – to the high professional level.

We are open to cooperation with farms of all sizes. Today, everyone can afford high-end professional equipment!

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