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  • Charcoal


    an efficient type of fuel in demand for a long time

Wholesale supply of charcoal is a direction of DSM Export. This material represents an efficient type of fuel in demand for a long time. Its main advantage is the lack of smoke and fire during combustion, due to which it is widely used in cooking meals over a campfire or kindling fireplaces. But this material has become spread recently not only in domestic use, but also in the industry. Where else you may need charcoal, which can be purchased from DSM Export?




Charcoal of high-quality


Charcoal, the price for which is more affordable in our company that from competitors, is used in the industry as reductant. It has a unique composition – it contains no phosphor and sulfur. It is used in smelting lanthanides and precious metals. It is also important in the manufacture of brass, bronze and nickel alloys.

It shows particular efficacy in the development of crystalline silicon for radio electronics sphere.

Anticorrosive powder mixtures and lubricants

Charcoal is used in the printing industry and instrument-making, when grinding and polishing various parts. The best option is coal from pine, poplar and other broadleaf trees.

Due to the small amount of ash, this material is also used in the manufacture of graphite lubricant for mechanical engineering. For this purpose, coal must be combined with sedimental tar and calcine at 1400-1500 degrees.

Black powders

Coal from alder and buckthorn wood with 70-80% concentration of carbon is used to make black powders. High carbon content has a positive effect on the burning rate.


It is also necessary to buy charcoal for the manufacture of electric coal products: brushes, contacts, resistances and communication means products used in most industries of agriculture. They are also used in electrical equipment of different types of engines, in electric cars, electric vacuum units, for thermal processes.


Powderedcoalcarbonisaplasticfilling. It has managed to become a worthy substitute for expensive graphite, which is in short supply on the market.

Raw material for activated coals

Activated coals are loose carbon bodies contributing to the development of the sorption process in the course of interaction with a liquid or gaseous medium.

Also, charcoal is an excellent absorber of outside odors, so it often plays the role of insulation.

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