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  • Pallets


    an irreplaceable part of effective business


  • Galvanized ware

    Galvanized ware

    quality that confirmed in practice


  • Charcoal


    an efficient type of fuel in demand for a long time


  • Services


    A wide range of services in the organization of logistics from the company "DSM Export"


  • Polymer manhole covers and trench drains

    Polymer manhole covers and trench drains

    Production of polymer manhole and trench drains


  • Products for BBQ

    Products for BBQ

    The company DSM Export offers goods
    that are sure to appeal to all lovers of outdoor activities and BBQ


  • Wood chips

    Wood chips

    The company DSM Export offers
    wood chips for smoking products.


  • Wooden handles and preforms for tools

    Wooden handles and preforms for tools

    DSM Export Company offers
    wooden cuttings for garden and household tools


  • Boxes decorative and containers

    Boxes decorative and containers

    We offer a wide range of different drawers
    for decoration or furnishing


  • Soft packaging

    Soft packaging

    The company "DSM Export" specializes in the supply
    of soft packaging and transportation products


DSM Export offers products that are sure to please all fans of outdoor activities and BBQ.

We offer a wide range of different boxes for decorating or furnishing, as a cheap and eco-friendly way to change the interior of any premises. Also, our company can offer the production and supply of any containers for storaging vegetables and fruits.

DSM Export company offers you wooden handles for garden and home tools and different timber preforms for brushes and mops.

The company DSM Export offers wood chips for smoking products.

A delicate aroma of smoke of wood chips and a pleasant color will make smoked: fish, meat, fat, cheese is unforgettably delicious.

 Pallets are an indispensable component of the effective activity of enterprises specializing in the wholesale and retail trade. They can be found at any modern warehouse, where it is necessary to arrange convenient and fast movement of cargos, as well as their safe storage.

Wholesale supply of charcoal is a direction of DSM Export. This material represents an efficient type of fuel in demand for a long time. Its main advantage is the lack of smoke and fire during combustion, due to which it is widely used in cooking meals over a campfire or kindling fireplaces. But this material has become spread recently not only in domestic use, but also in the industry. Where else you may need charcoal, which can be purchased from DSM Export?

The company DSM Export offers you galvanized products.

  • Buckets galvanized - 5L, 7L, 10L, 12L, 15L.
  • Basins round and oval galvanized 13L, 27L.
  • Baths galvanized 65L, 100L, 120L.
  • Snow shovels

And others.

Paper bags (kraft bags) - a modern ecological type of packaging that can be used for different types of products: construction, petrochemical, agricultural, food and others.

DSM Exportis engaged in the suppling of soft packaging and shipping products (Big-Bags, Liner Bags, inserts to the open wagons).

Liner Bag is intended for the transportation of bulk goods in maritime container, is used for transportation of large quantities of bulk materials.

Rapid development of waste processing technologies gives us the opportunity to create products that will protect the environment and save non-renewable natural resources

All products are made of pure recycled polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE) without any additions.